My Editing System

I use three systems to edit, Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Photoshop Mobile, and Be Funky Pro. All of these systems are mobile compatible; further, I edit on an HP Chromebook, 2020 iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil, and an iPhone 8. I use Pixlr X as an alternative if I want to do a special edit that I cannot achieve on the other two systems.

Lightroom CC works well for me because it is very easy to learn and has well-developed healing and spot touch up settings. Additionally, it has several tutorials and several articles that I used to learn new skills and new techniques.

Photoshop works well for any project that I want to do that requires images to be layered or for very selective edits. Additionally, it allows me to work on photos with just slightly different needs, typically Black and White.

Be Funky works well for me because it has more advanced editing abilities than Lightroom CC. Additionally, this has the ability to save my watermark and add it automatically when I export my fully edited photos.